The Bartel, Schroder, Reschke, and Lange Families

This describes the Bartel, Schroder, Reschke, Lange, and related families who originated in Poland and a number of whom came to live in the Cleveland, Ohio area in the mid-1900s.

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BulletJohann Bartel (b. 1874) and Anna Schroder (b. 1878)
BulletEdward Reschke (b. 1861) and Agatha Lange (b. 1886)
BulletPictures of Bartel and related families (TBD).
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BulletTimeline Index
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Reschke Book

Maria Kaucz researched and published a book about the Reschke family, pictured below. Written in both Polish and English, photos of landmarks, records, and people are found throughout the 423 pages, with ancestry charts filling the last 40 pages.

Please contact Mary if you wish to purchase one in the U.S.

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