The Bartel, Schroder, Reschke, and Lange Families
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Hiram JEWETT was born on APR 1847 in PA. He died in after 1924.

Elvira SEWARD was born on 12 NOV 1852 in Almond, New York. She died on 2 MAR 1924 in Geauga County, OH , and was buried on 5 MAR 1924 in Middlefield, OH.
   Parents: Isseu SEWARD and Rachel J. POUD

Hiram JEWETT and Elvira SEWARD had the following children:

Orin JEWETT was born on JUL 1881 in Ohio.
Effie JEWETT was born on JUL 1883 in Ohio.
Iva JEWETT was born on 30 MAY 1895 in Geauga County, Huntsburg, OH. She died on 5 OCT 1976 in Middlefield, OH , and was buried on 1976 in Welton Cemetery, Burton, OH.