The Bartel and Related Families: Julius Serafin RESCHKE

Ancestry of Julius Serafin RESCHKE

Kryzysztop RESCHKE
  b. 1742
  d. 1807 in Mielno, Poland
  b. 1790 in Mielno
  d. 1837
  m. 1825 in Poland
Anna Marianna REDEL
  b. 1753
  d. 1809 in Mielno
Ludwig Martin (Louis) RESCHKE
  b. 1830 in Modlin, Poland
  d. 1893 in Nowa Wies, Poland
  m. 1854
Anna Krystyna KANNERT
  b. 1808 in Sleszyn, Poland
  d. 1892 in Nowa Wies, Poland
Julius Serafin RESCHKE
  b. 1855 in Chlobiotka, Poland
  d. 1891 in Poland)
  m. 1880 in Warsaw, Poland
Christine PLATZ
  b. 1836 in Bledowo, Poland
  d. 1918 in Modlin, Poland

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