The Bartel, Schroder, Reschke, and Lange Families
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Eduard LANGE was born on 16 JUL 1894 in Kempa Tarchominska, Poland. He died on 15 JAN 1969 in Kelowna, BC, Canada , and was buried on 18 JAN 1969 in City Cemetery Kelowna, Canada.
   Parents: Samuel Karol LANGE (b. 1849) and Luise Dorathea LEMKE (b. 1849)
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Adele HEIN was born on 29 SEP 1902 in Kempa Tarchominska, Poland.

Eduard LANGE and Adele HEIN were married on 12 MAR 1924 in Kepa Tarchominska, Poland. They had the following children:

Luise Minna LANGE was born on 22 DEC 1924 in Kempa Tarchominska, Poland. She died in 8 Years old..
Elfriede LANGE was born on 3 MAY 1926 in Kepa Tarchominska, Poland. She died on 1984.
Friedrich Johann LANGE was born on 24 SEP 1927 in Kepa Tarchominska, Poland.
Hildegard Dorothea LANGE was born on 9 MAY 1929.
Anna Irene LANGE was born on 20 OCT 1930 in Kepa Tarchominska, Poland. She died on 1935.
Helmuth Karl LANGE
Edward Arthur LANGE
Edmund LANGE
Johanna LANGE
Bertha Ruth LANGE
Willi Adolph LANGE