1997 Ostien Family Reunion

The first Ostien reunion to bring together all the Ostien families in over 50 years took place in 1997, and was enormously successful. Thanks to extensive planning and hard work on the part of Keith Ostien and the planning committe members, and to the presence of the 221 members of the Ostien family who came to the reunion, this event will live on in our memories (and photos!) as surely as reunions long past.


This picture was taken on August 16, 1997 at the Ostien family reunion at the Palace Inn in Monroeville, PA. Pictured are the descendents of Henry and Kunigunda (Mary) Ostien, plus other Ostiens from around the United States and the world.

Among the people at the reunion were thirteen grandchildren of Henry and Mary Kunigunda Ostien, grandchildren representing families descended from each of the nine children of Henry and Kunigunda, plus Ostiens from Germany and Canada.

1997 Roolf Family Reunion Picture

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