The Roolf and Ostien Families of Turtle Creek, PA


Brian B. Mathewson is the great-grandson of John A. Roolf and Margaret Mary Ostien, who were his father's mother's parents. Mary Mathewson, Brian's wife, is an experienced genealogist and has been researching the Roolf and Ostien families for over 8 years.

The research has led us many times to Pittsburgh and Turtle Creek, PA. Our primary focus has been on tracking down census, land, birth, marriage, death, church, court, cemetery, immigration and naturalization records to document our ancestral lineage and to help piece together a historical narrative.

This web site was created and is maintained by Brian Mathewson. The domain is registered to us so that the Roolf and Ostien web site has a permanent location.

We would like to thank our families, Keith Ostien, Michael Ostien, and many others for their support and help in our research.

In February of 1999 we became parents for the first time, and named our new daughter Ella Margaret after Mary's great grandmother Ella Middleton and Brian's great grandmother Margaret Mary Ostien.

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