The Roolf and Ostien Families of Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania


Harvey W. BUDINGER was born on 22 FEB 1891 in Saladasburg, PA. He died on 1918 in PA , and was buried on 1918 in Churchill Cemetery, PA.

Katherine M. OSTIEN was born on 16 OCT 1890 in Wilkins Twp., Alleg. County, PA.
   Parents: Frederich OSTIEN (b. 1837) and Rosanna LICHAUER (b. APR 1853)
   Graphics: Ancestry chart
   Other spouse: Joseph ADAMS.

Harvey W. BUDINGER and Katherine M. OSTIEN were married on 24 FEB 1913 in Turtle Creek, PA. They had the following children:

Allen H. BODDINGER was born on 1917 in PA.
Richard B. BODDINGER was born on 1918.

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