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The Roolf & Ostien Families of Turtle Creek, PA focuses on the Roolf and Ostien families who lived in Turtle Creek and Wilkins Township, Pennsylvania. These two neighboring communities meet along the ridge of a steep hill just a few kilometers east of Pittsburgh.

Other significant families covered include the Boden, Divens, Henderson, Leax, Popovich, and Porter families, all of whose lineages crossed paths with the Ostien family at some point. For example, in 1891 John A. Roolf and Margaret Mary Ostien married, then lived most of their lives in Wilkins Township along side the Ostiens.

This site is meant to provide family members with an overview of the genealogy of the Ostien, Roolf, and other families. The information can be accessed in any of three ways: browsing from person to person by clicking on the linked names; by looking up a surname from the index; or by going through the generational chart.

The information herein is largely of a factual nature, and does not describe the how or the why, mostly just who, what, where, and when. For more context a real book must be written, which is a long way off for now.

Few specific sources are given to support the information here. We believe that every piece of information posted on this Web site is correct, and almost all of it can be corroborated through at least one reliable official record, or two or more other sources of information.   (See the separate section on Sources for more information.)   Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find any omissions, discrepancies, or factual errors.

For privacy considerations, it is our policy not to include any details (such as birth dates) about people still living. If you wish to have personal information removed, please contact us.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Brian B. & Mary Mathewson

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