Roolf and Ostien Families: Daniel Ellsworth OSTIEN

Ancestry of Daniel Ellsworth OSTIEN

Johann Jacob OSTIEN
  b. 1788 in Bavaria, Germany
  d. 1846 in Bavaria, Germany
  m. 1823 in Bavaria, Germany
  b. 1827 in Bavaria, Germany
  d. 1875 in Pittsburgh, PA
  m. 1859 in Baveria, Germany
Catherina MUELLER
  b. 1806 in Bavaria, Germany
  d. 1846 in Baveria, Germany
John Henry OSTIEN
  b. 1865 in Bavaria, Germany
  d. 1907 in Turtle Creek, PA
  m. 1887 in Turtle Creek, PA
Elizabeth HEYL
  b. 1835 in Rheinland, Germany
  d. 1920 in Pittsburgh, PA
Daniel Ellsworth OSTIEN
  b. 1895 in Turtle Creek, PA
  d. 1964 in Turtle Creek, PA
Elizabeth MITCHELL
  b. 1869
  d. 1939 in Turtle Creek, PA

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