Roolf and Ostien Families: Martin Daniel COLE

Ancestry of Martin Daniel COLE

William E. R. COLE
  b. 1868 in PA
  d. 1937 in Youngstown, Ohio
  m. 1998 in Pittsburgh, PA
Martin Daniel COLE
  b. 1902 in New Bedford, PA
  m. 1930
Johannes (John M.) WITT
  b. 1801 in Hesse Darnsted, Germany
  d. 1872 in North Oakland, PA
  m. 1830 in Gernsheim, Germany
Martin WITT
  b. 1830 in Hesse Darmstad, Germany
  d. 1921 in Pittsburgh PA
  m. 1858 in Herman, PA.
Christine (Gertrude Wunderly) WUNDERLE
  b. 1805 in Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany
  d. 1887 in North Oakland, PA
Caroline Ada WITT
  b. 1870 in PA (Butler Co.)
  d. 1956 in Youngstown, Oh
Elisabeth Louise KREHER
  b. 1840
  d. 1930

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