Roolf and Ostien Families: Norman J. ROOLF

Ancestry of Norman J. ROOLF

Joseph Bernard ROOLF
  b. 1844 in Parish Sandebeck
  d. 1885 in Pittsburgh, PA
  m. 1867 in Hill District, PA
John Aloysius ROOLF
  b. 1870 in Pittsburgh, PA
  d. 1951 in Turtle Creek
  m. 1891 in Pittsburgh PA
  b. 1848 in Pittsburgh, PA
  d. 1887 in Pittsburgh, PA
Joseph C. ROOLF
  b. 1892 in Turtle Creek, PA
  d. 1977
  m. 1916 in Pittsburgh, PA
  b. 1840 in Bavaria, Germany
  d. 1887 in Alleg County, PA
  m. 1869 in Braddock, PA
Margaret Mary OSTIEN
  b. 1870 in Armstrong County, PA
  d. 1953 in Turtle Creek
Kunigunda (Mary) LICHAUER
  b. 1847 in Bavaria, Germany
  d. 1923 in Allegheny County, PA
Norman J. ROOLF
  b. 1917 in Turtle Creek, Pa
  d. 1991
  m. 1940 in Latrobe, PA
Martin WITT
  b. 1830 in Hesse Darmstad, Germany
  d. 1921 in Pittsburgh PA
  m. 1858 in Herman, PA.
John Albert WITT
  b. 1863 in Butler Co. PA.
  d. 1942 in Pittsburgh, PA.
  m. 1890 in Allegheny, PA.
Elisabeth Louise KREHER
  b. 1840
  d. 1930
Lenora (Clara) WITT
  b. 1895 in Pittsburgh
  d. 1978
Johanna Scholastica THAENER
  b. 1862 in Pittsburgh, PA
  d. 1949 in Pittsburgh, PA.

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