Roolf and Ostien Families: Richard W. DIVENS

Ancestry of Richard W. DIVENS

  b. 1851 in Scotland
  d. 1928
  m. 1872
James Brown DIVENS
  b. 1873 in Scotland
  d. 1960
  m. 1896 in Turtle Creek, PA
Elizabeth COLLINS
  b. 1853 in Scotland
  d. 1929
James William DIVENS
  b. 1897 in Wilmerding, PA.
  d. 1969 in Levittown, PA
  m. 1920 in Turtle Creek, PA
Frederich OSTIEN
  b. 1837 in Bavaria, Germany
  d. 1891 in Wilkins Twp, PA
  m. 1873 in Turtle Creek, PA
Mary Jane OSTIEN
  b. 1875 in Turtle Creek, PA
  d. 1950 in Pa.
  b. 1853 in Germany
  d. 1918 in Turtle Creek, PA
Richard W. DIVENS
  b. in Wilmerding, PA
Mary Hazel RASE
  b. 1904 in Frostburg, MD

Information compiled by Brian & Mary Mathewson,
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