Roolf & Ostien Sources

The sources used to establish the information about the Roolf and Ostien families were derived from: Much of the information was collected by visiting and/or writing to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and the Western Reserve Historical Society (Cleveland, Ohio) for census records; the Allegheny County Recorders Office and Courthouse for marriage, birth, death, and land records; Pittsburgh-area churches and cemeteries, particularly Churchill Cemetery in Wilkins Twp., PA; the National Archives; the The Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society; plus church and state archives in Germany.

Special thanks go to Keith Ostien, Rita Davis, and Michael Ostien (Germany) for introducing us to hundreds of Ostien family members we would not otherwise have ever known about.

We believe that every piece of information posted on this Web site is correct, and almost all of it can be corroborated through at least one reliable official record, or two or more other sources of information.   We have copies of all of our sources (such as in the list above), and would be happy to provide copies of the documentation for those interested.

However, errors inevitably occur.   Further, this information is not necessarily complete.   For example, a list of children may be incomplete since it's hard to find records of all the children that parents have ever had.   Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find any omissions, discrepancies, or factual errors.

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