The Roolf and Ostien Families of Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania


John Albert WITT was born on 25 NOV 1863 in North Oakland, Butler Co. PA.. He died on 29 SEP 1942 in Pittsburgh, PA. , and was buried on 3 OCT 1942.
   Parents: Martin WITT (b. 12 JUL 1830) and Elisabeth Louise KREHER (b. 1840)
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Johanna Scholastica THAENER was born on 23 SEP 1862 in Pittsburgh, PA. She died on 16 JUL 1949 in Pittsburgh, PA. , and was buried on 19 JUL 1949 in Mount Carmel Cemetery..

John Albert WITT and Johanna Scholastica THAENER were married on 22 MAY 1890 in St. Mary's Church, Allegheny, PA.. They had the following children:

Bessie WITT was born on 14 AUG.
Henry Bernard WITT was born on 28 MAR 1891. He died on 23 MAR 1925.
Mary Elizabeth WITT was born on 14 AUG 1892. She died on 22 APR 1981.
Lenora (Clara) WITT was born on 1 FEB 1895 in Pittsburgh. She died on 14 DEC 1978.
John Joseph WITT was born on 12 APR 1897. He died on 9 OCT 1981.
Bertha Marie WITT was born on 10 OCT 1899.
Anna Estella (AKA Stella) WITT was born on 9 JUL 1903. She died on 5 DEC 1955.
Coletta Johanna WITT was born on 8 JUN 1905.

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