West Families: Henry D. WEST

Ancestry of Henry D. WEST

John Sr. WEST
  b. 1697 in Prince George's County, MD
  d. 1766 in Frederick County, MD
John Jr. WEST
  b. 1738 in MD
  d. 1791 in Bourbon, KY
  m. 1758 in Maryland
  b. 1709 in Montgomery, Maryland
  d. 1769 in Montgomery County, KY
Rezin (Reason) WEST
  b. 1760 in Montgomery County, MD
  d. in KY
James Wilson PERRY
  b. 1708 in Prince George, MD
  d. 1771 in Frederick, MD
Rachel PERRY
  b. 1738 in Montgomery County, MD
  d. 1819 in Bourbon, KY
Rebecca HARRIS
  b. 1712 in Prince George, MD
  d. 1772 in Frederick, MD
Henry D. WEST
  b. 1798 in Mercer County, Kentucky
  d. 1863 in Franklin, IN
  m. 1838 in Johnson County, Indiana
William KEENE
  b. 1665 in Northcumberland,VA
  d. 1700 in Northcumberland, VA
Newton KEENE
  b. 1693 in Northcumberland Co. VA.
Elizabeth ROGERS
  b. 1669 in Northcumberland, VA
  d. in Northcumberland, VA
Esther Elizabeth KEENE/KEEN
  d. 1810

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