The Wests of Central Indiana
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Reason Crampton WEST was born on 7 SEP 1840 in Indiana. He died on 15 APR 1909 in Indiana , and was buried on 19 APR 1909 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indiana.
   Parents: Henry D. WEST (b. 4 NOV 1798) and Lucretia CAPRON (b. 6 JUN 1813)
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Abagail FURGASON/FERGUSON was born on 24 NOV 1845 in Franklin, IN. She died on 17 AUG 1888.
   Parents: Sylvester FURGASON and Sally

Reason Crampton WEST and Abagail FURGASON/FERGUSON were married on 16 MAR 1863 in Franklin Twp, Johnson County Records, By John L. Jones. They had the following children:

Thomas WEST was born on 27 MAY 1867.
Franklin Crampton WEST was born on 20 DEC 1868 in Johnson County, Franklin, IN. He died on 7 MAR 1917 in Indianapolis, Indiana , and was buried on 10 MAR 1917 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IND.
James WEST was born on 2 NOV 1870 in Indiana. He died on 21 AUG 1909 in Indianapolis, IN , and was buried on 23 AUG 1909 in Mt. Jackson Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN.
Harry (Harrison) WEST was born on 16 AUG 1873.
Arthur WEST was born on 25 NOV 1875.
Adeline L. (Daisy) WEST was born on 28 NOV 1878.
Samuel WEST was born on 26 OCT 1880.
Benjamin WEST was born on 13 APR 1882 in Crawfordsville, IN.
Not Given WEST was born on 17 APR 1883 in Crawfordsville, IN.