The Wissel, Novak, Sigan and Hupka Families
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Luther COE was born on 20 DEC 1871 in Granville, Hempden Co, Massachusetts. He died on 13 SEP 1827 in Columbus, Bartholomew Co, IN.
   Parents: Aaron COE and Mary SEWARD

Sophia BARNEY was born on 21 NOV 1797 in Kingston, Luzerne County, PA. She died on 8 SEP 1854 in New Haven, Huron Co, OH , and was buried in New Haven Cemetery, Huron County, OH.
   Parents: Henry BARNEY and Mary C. GALLUP
   Other spouse: Rouse BLY (b. 8 JUL 1793).

Luther COE and Sophia BARNEY were married on 17 APR 1817 in New Haven, Huron, OH. They had the following children:

Seymour Barney Coe COE was born on 1818. He died on 1888.
Julius Seward COE was born on 1819. He died on 1882.
Mary Jane COE was born on 1820. She died on 1903.
Persis Sophia COE was born on 1822. She died on 1855.
Danvers Luther COE was born on 1824. He died on 1873.
Emily Maria COE was born on 1826.