The Wissel, Novak, Sigan and Hupka Families
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Emmett F. DOBBINS was born on 22 MAR 1888 in Dover, OH.
   Parents: John DOBBINS and Hannah ALEXANDER
   Other spouse: Alice Selena HINES (b. 18 JUN 1887).

Daisy RADER was born on 1886 in Canton, OH.
   Parents: Fred RADER and Katherine BUSTCH

Emmett F. DOBBINS and Daisy RADER were married on 26 APR 1905 in Cleveland, OH. They had the following children:

Russel DOBBINS was born on 1905.
Paruel DOBBINS was born on 1907 in OH.
Emory DOBBINS was born on 1909 in Cleveland, OH.