The Wissel, Novak, Sigan and Hupka Families
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Frank V. FENDER was born on 18 JUN 1880 in Sunfield, Eaton County, Michigan. He died on 26 JUL 1974 in Toledo, OH , and was buried in Toledo Memorial Park, Sylvania, Lucas, OH.
   Parents: Elias D. FENDER (b. 25 JUN 1851) and Cornelia E. RUPE (b. 1857)
   Graphics: Ancestry chart
   Other spouse: Marie HILL (b. 5 MAR 1901).

Lulu FRYFOGO was born on 10 FEB 1888 in Sunfield Twp, Eaton, Michigan. She died on 19 MAY 1962 in Lucas County, OH.
   Parents: Benjamin FRYFOGLE (b. 20 MAY 1862) and Isabelle F. TROWBRIDGE (b. 17 SEP 1860)
   Graphics: Ancestry chart
   Other spouse: Oscar MATHYS (b. 14 JUN 1891).

Frank V. FENDER and Lulu FRYFOGO were married on 3 MAR 1904 in Sunfield, Eaton Michigan. They had the following children:

Melvin FENDER was born on 15 AUG 1899 in Sunfield Twp, Eaton, MI. He died on 9 JAN 1985 in Osceola, FL.
Vivian FENDER was born on 1 NOV 1905 in OH. She died on 11 FEB 1964 in Lucas County, OH.
Eldin C. "Jim" FENDER was born on 28 OCT 1907 in Lakin, Kansas. He died on 1974 in Washington, D.C..
Norman Neil FENDER was born on 11 JUL 1910 in Ottawa, Putnam, OH. He died on 15 NOV 1980 in Ironwood, Goebic, MI.
Paul FENDER was born on 1 AUG 1912 in Ottawa, OH. He died on 26 AUG 1912 in Toledo, Lucas, OH , and was buried on 27 AUG 1912 in Forest, Toledo, Lucas, OH.
Rolind Elias FENDER was born on 15 MAY 1913 in Toledo, OH. He died on 29 OCT 1913 in Toledo, OH , and was buried on 1 NOV 1913 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.
Lucille FENDER was born on 7 NOV 1914 in Toledo, Lucas, OH. She died on 8 JUL 2008 in Lucas County, OH.