The Wissel, Novak, Sigan and Hupka Families
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Ludwig ROESLER was born on 2 FEB 1881 in (Jan 19, 1884?) Kliekebal, Russia. He died on 28 NOV 1967 in Elgin, Grant, ND , and was buried on 4 DEC 1967 in Odessa Comm. Cemetery, Grant County, ND.
   Parents: Christian ROESLER (b. 1849) and Margaret FLEMMER (b. 1855)
   Other spouses: Matilda FRIESZ (b. 25 APR 1892), Helen KERN (b. 1896).

Nora OLSEN was born on 6 DEC 1891 in Utica, SD.. She died on 8 JAN 1993 in Elgin, North Dakota , and was buried on 11 JAN 1993 in Odessa Cemetery, West of New Leipzig, SD..
   Parents: Christ OLSEN and Annette

Ludwig ROESLER and Nora OLSEN were married on 2 DEC 1937 in Yankton County, South Dakota