The Wissel Novak Sigan and Hupka Families


The sources used to establish the information about the Wissel and other families were derived from:
    Birth records
    Marriage records
    Death records
    Church records
    Census records
    Oral and written accounts from family members
    Cemetery records
    Immigration and naturalization records
    Land records
    Wills and testaments
    Court documents
    Military service records
Sources are not currently listed on the family web pages. These pages were automatically generated from the genealogy database. However, the notes and sources are not formatted in the database specifically for publication on the Internet. To keep things simple for now, they were omitted, but could easily be added in the future.

We believe that every piece of information posted on this Web site is correct, and almost all of it can be corroborated through at least one reliable official record, or two or more other sources of information.   We have copies of all of our sources (such as in the list above), and would be happy to provide copies of the documentation for those interested.

However, errors inevitably occur.   Further, this information is not necessarily complete.   For example, a list of children may be incomplete since it's hard to find records of all the children that parents have ever had.   Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find any omissions, discrepancies, or factual errors.

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