The Wissel, Novak, Sigan, and Hupka Families: Wade Kenneth BLY

Ancestry of Wade Kenneth BLY

Alfred F. BLY
  b. 1841 in Huron County, Ohio
  d. 1916 in Bluffton, Wells, IN
  m. 1859 in Huron County, OH
Arthur Deforest BLY
  b. 1860 in Fairfield, OH
  d. 1927 in Norwalk, Huron, OH
  m. 1884 in Huron County, OH
  b. 1840 in Huron County, Ohio
  d. 1864 in Huron County, OH
Alfred Frank BLY
  b. 1885 in Collins, OH
  d. 1933 in Collins, OH
  m. 1907 in Huron County, OH
  b. 1828 in Green County, New York
  d. 1913 in Huron County, OH
  m. 1858 in Sandusky, OH
Victoria M. PHILLIPS
  b. 1863 in Huron County, OH
  d. 1939 in Norwalk, OH
  b. 1840 in New York
  d. in After 1913.
Wade Kenneth BLY
  b. 1909 in Collins, Huron, OH
  d. 1982 in Cleveland, OH
  m. 1937 in Pleasants, WV
Amos Bosworth WEST
  b. 1804 in New York
  d. 1872 in Peru, Huron County, OH
  m. 1835 in New York (Genoa?)
Frank WEST
  b. 1853 in Huron County, OH
  d. 1902 in Huron County, OH
  m. 1878 in Nemaha County, KS
  b. 1817 in New York City, NY
  d. 1902 in Peru, Huron County, OH
Hattie Mae WEST
  b. 1885 in Huron, OH
  d. 1967 in Erie County, OH
Edison D. HYMER
  b. 1817 in North Carolina
  d. 1881 in Nemaha, Kansas
  m. 1838 in Schuyler, Illnois
Martha "Mattie" HYMER
  b. 1859 in Mt. Pleasant, Ill
  d. 1919 in Sandusky, OH
Nancy POPE
  b. 1817 in Shelby, Kentucky
  d. 1899 in Sherman, Kansas

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