The Roolf and Ostien Families
of Turtle Creek, PA

This describes the Roolf and Ostien Families
who lived in Turtle Creek and Wilkins Township, just east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Other spellings: Rolfe, Rolf, and Ostein


BulletContents of this web site
BulletBrief History of the Roolfs and Ostiens
BulletJacob Ostien (b. 1788), whose sons were perhaps the first Ostiens in the U.S.
BulletJoseph B. Roolf (b. 1844), the first Roolf in the U.S.
Index of Names
New Timeline Index
Bullet Ancestry Charts. Example: Henry Ostien
Bullet Features
Bullet1999 Ostien Family Reunion in Germany
Bullet1997 Ostien Family Reunion
BulletJuly 1934 Ostien Family Reunion
BulletSources of the information on this web site
BulletRoolf & Ostien Name Origins
BulletAbout the Authors

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